SF, PDX, SEA, & BOI – A place to visit in each city.

  1. San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge. This may sound obvious, but it truly was something special. Man-made structures don’t really hit me the way geographical landscapes do, but upon seeing this bridge, it made me say Holy Crap! Or something similar to that. Make sure you walk across, that’s most of the fun.
  2. Portland – Multnomah Falls. Okay this isn’t really in Portland, but is only 30 miles east of the city. It’s worth the drive.mf
  3. Seattle – Alki Beach. Great scenery and one of the most peaceful walks you can take. Just don’t go in the summer. Apparently it’s packed with tourists in June and July.
  4. Boise – The STIL. Fantastic ice cream with unique flavors. I got vanilla with cream cheese. No toppings, not even sprinkles, but you don’t need them for this.


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