My 10 Favorite Places

In no particular order:

  1. Grand Canyon – One word. Amazing.
  2. Yellowstone – If you dislike tourists and don’t mind missing some of the park’s notable spots, go in April. You will have the whole park to yourself. Well, you may have to share it with the bison.
  3. London – Only one of three major cities on my list.
  4. Ireland – Can’t narrow it down to one specific place.
  5. Lake Tahoe – Went as a kid, and I know I would appreciate even more now.
  6. Southern Utah – Bryce Canyon and Zion are both located here. Still need to go to Arches
  7. Minneapolis – If you go in the summer, this is a very nice city.
  8. Las Vegas – The great escape.
  9. New Hampshire – Like Ireland, can’t narrow it down to one place.
  10. Rocky Mountain National Park/Estes Park, Colorado – Seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time, especially when it takes 30 years, is just jaw dropping.

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